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Ilimex Australia

Air sterilisation and purification system eliminates SARS-CoV-2

Who is Ilimex Australia?

Pioneers in design and manufacture of pathogen elimination systems. Ilimex air sterilisation unit combines sterilisation technologies and UV energy to continuously eliminate >99.9999% of airborne pathogens. This air sterilising system is the most advanced in the world, capable of completely sterilising and killing SARS-CoV-2.

SARS-CoV-2 is an airborne pathogen (Coronavirus), when humans are infected with this pathogen they develop COVID-19.

Ilimex Australia

How Does The Unit Work?

It works by drawing air from a space into the unit and through an activated carbon pre-filter, the pre-filter will remove most of the larger dust, hair, PM10, and pollen particles from the air. In the second stage, high-quality HEPA filter removes the finer particles that escape from the pre-filter. The remaining pathogens present in the air will then pass through the UVC kill chamber which kills them instantly on the first pass.

The air sterilising unit was submitted for testing to Ulster University earlier this year.

The results of the testing provide confidence that a >6log (>99.9999%) reduction of coronavirus is attainable with the underpinning Ilimex technology.

Ilimex Products

Introducing the world’s first COVID-19 sterilising unit. The ultimate safety net in returning to safe indoor environments.

The Ilimex air sterilisation units are a range of revolutionary new machines that are scientifically proven effective at killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. By removing infectious particles from the air trapping and killing them in the patent-pending kill chamber.

Independent testing by scientists at Ulster University has shown that the UVC kill chamber alone kills 99.9999% of airborne pathogens on the first pass. The machine is designed to follow this same process 5 times every hour, to ensure any new particles from coughs and sneezes are trapped and killed on a continuous rolling cycle.

The Ilimex air sterilisation units are available for varying business environments, from hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and office blocks. Available in different sizes, depending on application and room size. From the Ilimex 70 which is suitable for home use or small commercial premises to the Ilimex 400 which is suitable for industrial use larger buildings.

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