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Genesis Marketing ESG Goals

Our company consists of experienced and highly competent people in their respective fields

1. Green Hosting Solutions

  • Opt for green web hosting providers utilising renewable energy sources or purchasing carbon offsets.
  • Encourage the use of energy-efficient data centres.

2. Sustainable Web Design

  • Implement energy-efficient web design practices that minimise data transfer and loading times, reducing energy consumption for servers and end-user devices.
  • Optimise images and use eco-friendly themes that require less energy to load.

3. Remote Work and Virtual Meetings

  • Promote remote work to reduce commuting-related carbon emissions.
  • Utilise virtual meetings and webinars to minimise the need for travel, reducing the carbon footprint associated with business operations.

4. Paperless Operations

  • Transition to digital invoices, contracts, and marketing materials to reduce paper waste.
  • Use digital tools and platforms for project management and communication to minimise the need for physical documents.

5. Energy-Efficient Office Practices

  • Use energy-efficient lighting and office equipment.
  • Implement smart thermostats and energy management systems in offices.

6. Responsible Advertising

  • Encourage clients to adopt sustainable practices in their marketing strategies.
  • Avoid promoting products or services that have a significant negative environmental impact.

7. Recycling and Upcycling

  • Establish a recycling program for electronic waste and encourage the responsible disposal of outdated tech equipment.
  • Consider donating or upcycling old electronics to extend their lifespan and reduce waste.

8. Education and Advocacy

  • Educate employees and clients on the importance of sustainability and how digital practices can be made more environmentally friendly.
  • Support and partner with environmental organisations to advocate for sustainability in the tech and digital marketing sectors.

9. Sustainable Supply Chains

  • Choose environmentally friendly vendors and suppliers for business needs, from office supplies to promotional materials.
  • Evaluate the sustainability practices of partners and vendors to ensure alignment with environmental goals.

10. Innovation and Continuous Improvement

  • Invest in research and development to discover new ways to minimise environmental impact.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve business practices for greater efficiency and sustainability.

By integrating these strategies into our operations, we can reduce our environmental footprint and lead by example, encouraging others in the industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

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