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Top 6 Tools To Boost Your SEO Using Video Transcripts

How Do Video Transcripts Boost Your SEO

How Do Video Transcripts Boost Your SEO

Most of you are already familiar with the basics of search engine optimisation.

Measuring key metrics, optimising your website, and researching keywords is crucial for boosting conversion rates.

However, this guide won’t cover any of those areas because too much information is already available on these topics. We will explore another effective method for boosting your SEO efforts: video transcripts.

While this strategy has been around consistently enhancing your SEO strategy, it is more crucial today than ever.

Building backlinks of high quality is another excellent strategy for increasing your site’s authority.

How to Get the Most out of Your Videos

Most of today’s expert marketers acknowledge the importance of using video marketing. Research reveals that nearly 86% of businesses turn to video marketing and 92% believe it is an ‘important part’ of their marketing campaign.

However, how do you get optimal outcomes from your videos?

By taking a step further and using video transcripts.

Let’s dig a bit further.

SEO and Video Transcripts

Video transcripts are an indispensable tool for SEO and can contribute to your website’s visibility in various ways. Not only do transcripts make your videos reach a wider audience, but they can also make your content relevant to people who are hard of hearing.

Users who prefer watching videos with the sound down will also be attracted to your content. More viewers mean more traffic and, ultimately, more engagement.

In addition, marketers are recommending video transcripts because they help search engines index videos efficiently. Search engines will crawl all your videos and offer context to the information you want to share.

Another reason using transcriptions helps is that they are beneficial for internal link-building opportunities on a website. Transcripts offer essential phrases and keywords to optimize your videos and boost ranking in search results.

In addition, statistics from Facebook internal testing suggest that captions boost view times by nearly 12%. Closed captions provide search engines with crawlable content and raise the chances of your content getting ranked.

Furthermore, you can add transcripts to your overall content/SEO strategy. For example, using them for creating various forms of visual and written content. Some of these examples include:

  • eBooks and blog posts
  • individual quotes for social media
  • infographic
  • graphics

Now that you know the many benefits of video transcripts for boosting SEO, here is how you can start transcribing your videos.

Video Transcripts: How to Start

An open method for everyone is manual transcription. That means you must type all the content yourself, word for word. While it’s the most reasonable option, it’s also the most time-consuming. That’s because if you must transcript hundreds of videos, you will need hours to type the entire content. Then, on top of it, the piece still needs editing and formatting.

That’s why the manual option is not of much importance to most of us and for obvious reasons.

The good news is that there are plenty of other options available. These include:

Free transcription tools:

Transcribe and Descript are just two of the free video transcription solutions available. The description comes with a paid version, also.

Automatic Captioning by Google:

The speech recognition software of YouTube creates automatic closed captions for live videos, Shorts, long-form content, and live videos.

Mobile Apps:

Numerous apps make video transcription easy. Trint and Otter are among the best mobile apps for video transcriptions.

Speech Dictation and Narration Software:

Software for dictating transcripts means you can get half the job done. Popular software like Dragon Naturally Speaking can help you, but you still need to proofread, edit, and format all pieces.

Voice Commands of Google Docs:

Users with Chrome can benefit from Google’s free voice typing feature. If you don’t know how to use it, open a document, and go to docs. Then, choose ‘voice typing.’ A microphone icon will appear. As soon as you click this icon, you can start dictating. Click the icon again to turn it off once you finish the transcription.

APIs or Speech-to-text application programming interfaces:

Deepgram and Amazon Transcribe are just two of the many examples available. Deepgram gifts a free $150 in credits after finishing sign-up. New Transcribe users get 60 minutes free every month for the initial year.

Use Captioning: According to WHO (World Health Organization), nearly 2.5 billion people will experience hearing loss by 2050. Almost 700 million individuals may require hearing rehabilitation. Offering closed captions is an effective way to make video content accessible to a broader audience. Add them automatically to all your YouTube content.

What are the Best Tools for Video Transcriptions?

Since they initially emerged, transcription services have developed significantly over time.

The standard of transcribing services has significantly increased over time, and as I mentioned before, many options are available to you. If you want to try them, here are some of the most popular tools that offer free trials.


Rev is a well-known transcription service that provides high-quality transcriptions of video and audio files for a flat charge of $1.50/minute. The best part is that Rev is quite simple to use. First, choose the ‘upload your files’ feature under the audio and video transcription option. Then, paste, upload, or drag your files or the URL. New users must register, and existing users must log in to use the tool.


Precise, quick, and reasonably priced transcripts are now easily accessible, thanks to Scribie. In addition, the organization employs a group of transcribers’ specialists in various sectors, including medical, legal, and academic transcribing.

The company transforms audio transcriptions into text with its expert team of 40k transcribers. Pricing for automatic transcriptions starts at 0.10 cents/word, while manual transcriptions cost 0.80/word.

Pro, Pay-as-you-go, and Enterprise are the three available packages. Signing up for Pro means you must pay $9/monthly, but there are yearly options as well.


Transcribing your video and audio files into text is super easy with Sonix. It offers standard, premium, and enterprise package options. The regular package is appropriate for smaller jobs and starts at $10/hour. However, if running a big team, you should use the Premium version ($5/hour + $22/user/month.

The premium option is best for you if you require video transcribing services regularly. It also offers advanced collaborative tools. With automatic subtitles, secure storage, and an SEO-friendly media player, Sonix is a premium tool.

Here are a few other tools that are worth mentioning.

Transcribe Me

The popular transcribing service offers transcripts of the highest quality at a fair price. Before you buy this tool, you can try out its services in a free trial.


Adobe Premiere Pro’s Feature

This function allows you to edit any written video transcript within the program.

This online platform uses AI to transcribe your videos. Users can choose a program from the three plans available: premium, monthly, and yearly. However, there’s also a seven-day free trial.

Best Ways to Use Video Transcripts for Boosting SEO Efforts

Creating transcripts not only complements your video but also provides additional content for SEO purposes.

Let’s explore some of the most beneficial ways to use your video transcripts for optimising your videos for SEO. 

  • First, ensure the phrases and keywords you use are relevant to your video’s topic. For instance, if your website is about fitness, you can add something like ‘Best Exercises Stay Fit in your 50s.’
  • Don’t forget to use phrases and keywords throughout the transcript. However, never stuff keywords into your content. Keyword stuffing is when we use keywords excessively without any proper context.
  • Place keywords at the beginning of the paragraphs whenever possible and always check the accuracy of the transcripts.

More Benefits of Video Transcriptions

Apart from SEO, here are a few more reasons for using video transcriptions and closed captions with your videos.


The more people access your content, the more comprehensive your audience becomes. Offering transcripts helps millions of people who are deaf or suffer from hearing problems. In addition, providing transcripts helps achieve ADA compliance.

Higher Search Rankings

The way Google indexes data can be a drawback for video content. Transcripts help you avoid losing out on traffic since they offer keywords that Google can track and rank when crawling content.

Google also detects other things like relevancy and rank while crawling content. Google AI attempts to provide the most relevant results to the search engine’s users. Thanks to transcripts, Google can crawl video content and rank it for relevant keywords, boosting its rankings.

More Traffic

Now that you know how video transcripts boost SEO, we can safely conclude that your website’s traffic will naturally improve with transcripts. We know that traffic and rankings go hand in hand.

More viewers will click on your content when keywords climb higher on the SERPs.

The top 10 search results on the first page of SERPS make the top zone for attracting traffic. All other links may not receive the desired engagement and click percentages. Hence, the higher your traffic, the higher your keyword rankings. There is a strong connection.

Opportunities for Link Building

Link building can be a challenging task. When it comes to SEO, link building involves linking internally to your own content and looking for external sources that link back to your website. Video transcripts are a blessing for marketers focusing on building quality links.

Transcripts successfully boost internal links as they refer to other relevant content on a website. For example, if you are discussing the pricing or features of a product, you can link the relevant pages of the transcript. That way, you can direct visitors from one part of your website to another.

Stats reveal that content with images, videos, and lists attracts more links than those with only photos and lists. Hence, featuring videos and transcripts boosts your chances of building external links.

Lower Bounce Rates

Viewers who want to engage with the content will appreciate the transcripts. Viewers who are hard of hearing or experience hearing problems are also likely to view your videos if you provide transcriptions. You can increase the time spent on your website by preventing people from clicking away. That means more chances of engagement and lower bounce rates.

Remember that transcripts can make your content accessible, regardless of the nature of your videos. People are likely to stick around, view the complete video, and share it, boosting watch time.

It makes Content Creation Easier

Finding creative content is a challenging task. However, transcripts make content development an efficient process. That’s because when you have transcripts for your videos, you can use key phrases as the foundation of your in-depth blog posts. As a result, blogs perform well in search engine results and serve as strong anchors to retain visitors.

That’s also helpful in social media. For posting bits of the transcript on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, you can cut and paste them into little parts. Then, grow your audience and establish a consistent stream of traffic by linking these chunks to your website or social media content.


What is the Best Way to Transcribe My Videos?

There are several different tools and solutions for video transcription, both free and paid. You could use transcribing services along with video transcription software. However, this may be a more expensive approach. Nonetheless, the results are worth the investment if you require transcription services for multiple videos.

What Type of Tools Should You Choose for Your Video Transcription?

The type of video transcription tool you need depends on the type and volume of content you need to transcribe. For instance, a cheaper subscription may work out when you have a lot of content to transcribe. 

Otherwise, if you are looking for occasional transcription, you should look for pay-as-you-go services. First, check out tools and services that offer free trials and options. Once you test its services in the trial period, you can subscribe to its paid version.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must be convinced that providing video transcripts is an effective way to boost your SEO efforts. You can get the most out of your online video content using video transcripts. It can increase your rankings, help search engines index your site, and offer link-building opportunities. For that reason, today’s marketers make video transcriptions a part of their overall SEO strategy for getting their content out to more people.

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