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TechTalk | A Simple Guide to Making Your AI Content More Human

TechTalk | A Simple Guide to Making Your AI Content More Human

How to use HumanInf ChatGPT Plugin

Transform Your AI-Generated Content!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the way we create content. With tools like ChatGPT, you can generate lengthy blogs and even eBooks of 55+ pages in minutes. However, the content often sounds robotic and lacks a personal touch. The good news is that you can train ChatGPT to write like you in seconds! In this guide, we will focus on two main methods to achieve this:

  1. Installing a plugin called “HumanInf” to make your content more like you.
  2. Training ChatGPT manually to create and write content like you.

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Installation of HumanInf Plugin

What is HumanInf?

HumanInf is a plugin designed to make your AI-generated content more human-like. It helps in transforming the robotic tone of the content generated by GPT-4 into a more natural and human-like tone.

How to Install HumanInf

Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus:

If you haven’t subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, do so now because you won’t be able to enable the plugin feature without a subscription.

Enable Plugins:

After subscribing, go to Settings, then beta features, and enable plugins.

Beta features of Open AI - ChatGPT Plugins
Beta features of Open AI – ChatGPT Plugins

Install HumanInf:

Navigate to the Plugin store, search for the HumanInf ChatGPT Plugin, and click ‘Install’.

ChatGPT 4 plugin store
HumanInf ChatGPT Plugin
HumanInf ChatGPT Plugin


  • If you have trouble installing the plugin, ensure that you have upgraded to a GPT Plus subscription, activated ChatGPT plugins in your account, and that the plugin is listed in the ChatGPT plugin store.
  • If the plugin does not function correctly, try clicking the ‘Regenerate response’ button, ensure that you have selected the ChatGPT plugin mode, and activate the HumanInf ChatGPT Plugin.

Training ChatGPT Manually

Why Train ChatGPT Manually?

Training ChatGPT manually helps in making the AI aware of your content and writing style. This way, it can generate content that closely resembles your style, making it more personalized and engaging.

Steps to Train ChatGPT Manually

1. Starting Point (The Learning):

Make ChatGPT aware of your content and style.

Prompt: “Hey ChatGPT, I want you to imitate my writing style and help me with content creation for my socials and blog. I will share with you my content writing style and format then what you will have to do is imitate it. When you’re done show me “Done”. After that, I will ask you questions and you will have to answer them creatively.“

2. Sharing Your Content:

Share your written blog or social media post so ChatGPT can imitate and familiarize itself with your style.

Prompt: “Here’s my writing: [Content]“

3. Asking Questions:

Give ChatGPT the command to write content for you. Choose a topic, keywords, and main ideas, and share them with ChatGPT. It will generate content in your writing style in seconds.

Prompt: “Write a (blog/Tweet/Twitter thread/LinkedIn post/article) on [Topic]. Keywords: [Keywords]“


Making your AI-generated content more human-like is crucial for engaging your audience and maintaining a consistent brand voice. By installing the HumanInf plugin and training ChatGPT manually, you can transform robotic content into lively, likable, and truly interactive content that resonates with your audience.


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