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How to Use the Text Editor Widget in Elementor

How to Use the Text Editor Widget in Elementor

How to Use the Text Editor Widget in Elementor

Editing content with the Text Editor Widget in Elementor

The Text Editor Widget in Elementor is used to place, edit, and style body text on your WordPress websites. 

Utilising the right styling, your Body text website text will draw your visitors’ attention, and encourage them to read on and engage with your site.

Adding the Text Editor Widget

Located in the basic widget section on the left-hand side of your editor page. Simply, drag and drop the Text Editor widget into your desired location.

You will see the content tab is the standard WordPress editor, you can visually see the text as well as view the code. A short paragraph will be displayed as default. Here you can add it with your own text.

Editing your Text?

We find it easier and have fewer issues when editing the text in the editor window. You can select text and apply basic formatting styles, such as bold and italic styling, list options, and more.

Style Tab

In the Style tab, you have the ability to change the look and feel of your text. Editing the text colour, size, alignment and text-shadow. 

Advanced Settings

In the Advanced Settings tab, you will be able to apply Margins and Padding to your text. You have the ability to experiment with Motion Effects, a great way to make your website interactive. 

Watch the step-by-step guide for more help. 

Elementor Image Widget tutorial will cover:

✔︎ Basic functions of the Text Editor widget
✔︎ Working with multiple columns of text
✔︎ How to style body text
✔︎ Adding and styling a drop cap
✔︎ And much more!


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